Brass Check Valve, Male/Female Connection


This brass check valve has a female/male connector, allowing you to install directly on top of our deep well submersible pumps.

Check valves are a required installation if you plan to use a Hallmark Industries pump in conjunction with a pressure tank.

Available in 1.25″ or 1″.


  • Precision brass check valve, high quality and long lasting
  • 1.25″ NPT male thread input, and 1.25″ NPT female thread output
  • 1″ NPT male thread input, and 1″ NPT female thread output
  • High precision check valve has a brass shaft to ensure low friction and resistance
  • Can be installed directly into the pump’s discharge with a 1.25″ or 1″ NPT thread.
  • This check valve foregoes the need to purchase a separate nipple adapter for use with other check valves
  • Spring loaded check valve with the rubber seat to ensure no leakage
  • The spring can be removed to reduce the back load

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1 inch, 1.25 inch